Serving the community

How we seek to make a difference

CAP Debt Centre

We work with seven other churches in Sale to provide debt advice in the local community in partnership with CAP (Christians Against Poverty).

There are all sorts of reasons why people end up in difficulties with money and this can have such a huge impact on families, mental health and relationships. But through professional support we've seen countless numbers of people turn their lives around and move towards financial freedom.

Journey Counselling

Sometimes we need extra professional support to navigate challenging times in our lives. Through Journey Counselling LifeChurch can offer free access to fully qualified and accredited counsellors. You can contact Journey Counselling on 0161 747 7880.

Alternatively you can use the Counselling Directory.

How can I find out more?

If you'd like to receive any help from these services please complete your details below and someone will be in touch.